Contributing Artists


Peter Taussig

Peter Elyakim Taussig Music, Composer
Since 2009 Taussig has devoted himself exclusively to composition and writing. The list of compositions includes an opera (Fibonacci), a requiem Let There Be War, an oratorio (Eve of Life), three symphonies, and concertos for Bagpipe and Orchestra, steel pan, and Peruvian panpipes. His ballet “Three Dubious Memories” was choreographed by Paul Taylor in 2011 and toured extensively by the Paul Taylor Dance Company. His current CD projects include “101 Sound-bite Symphonies – a celebration of short attention span”, and the electronic CD “Musica Sacra Nuova – Thirteen Urban Rituals”.  MORE INFO


Santo Laquasto

Santo Laquasto Costume and Set Designer
Mr. Laquasto has worked on some 61 Broadway productions, either as scenic or costume designer, frequently both, starting with Sticks and Bones in 1972. He has received 15 Tony Award nominations for his work as either costumer or scenic designer, and won three times, and he also has won the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Set Design three times and the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Costume Design once. In 2004, Santo Loquasto was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame.  MORE INFO


Jennifer Tipton

Jennifer Tipton Lighting Designer
In 1958, she graduated from Cornell University. While performing as a dancer and rehearsal mistress, she noticed the importance of lighting, and studied dance lighting with Thomas Skelton, becoming his assistant. Her first lighting design for Broadway was in 1969 for Our Town. Among her many awards and nominations, she won the 1977 Tony Award for Best Lighting Design for lighting Andrei Serban’s production of The Cherry Orchard and the 1989 Tony Award for lighting Jerome Robbins’ Broadway. She also has won the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Lighting Design twice.  MORE INFO